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Flight Management Computer in Boeing 747-400 Simulator JA8956
Throttles in Boeing 747-400 Simulator JA8956


Preparing for an Airline Assessment ?

Over the years we have helped many Pilots prepare for Simulator assessments. Our Simulator is a Real 747 flightdeck which creates a real environment to practice in.  It has a worldwide database and we can provide charts and checklists or you can bring your own.  The Simulator is a great way to brush up on automatic procedures, raw data skills and CRM procedures.

We will guide you throughout your session and provide feedback.

Our FMC's can replicate "Legacy" (Green Screen) or "NG" (Full colour) systems with all the PFD/ND read outs associated with them.
We also have many pre saved flights for various airline profiles and can create custom ones for your assessment if we don't already have them.
We are also happy to fit in sessions around your working schedule if currently flying for an Airline.     Sessions be shared with a Friend / Colleague.

Upon Booking you will receive access to our
33 Page PDF guide to flying the Boeing 747-400.

1 Hour         £135.00
90 Mins    £180.00

2 Hours     £240.00
3 Hours     £340.00
4 Hours     £435.00

As requirements can vary greatly for these sessions we recommend that you phone or e-mail to discuss requirements prior to making a bookings
Tel : 07762 061518          E-mail

Tel : 07762  061518

Boeing 747-400 Simulator JA8956
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