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Fear of Flying Course Boeing 747-400 Simulator JA8956
Fear of Flying Course Boeing 747-400 Simulator JA8956



The Fear of Flying is very common. Up to 1 in 6 people have a fear of flying.

It is not something to be ridiculed, but a challenge to overcome.  It could ruin or exclude you from family holidays and stop you seeing many of the wonderful places the World has to offer.

Fear of Flying is perfectly understandable , after all an aeroplane cabin is not a natural environment even on the ground.  Adding that the Pilots are behind a closed door doesn't help.

We aim to de-mystify what goes on in the Flightdeck & help calm your nerves.

This course is carried out in the safety of our Simulator without ever leaving the ground and safe in the knowledge that the Simulator can be paused or stopped at any time if you are uncomfortable.



After a hot or cold drink and chat about your specific fears we will spend approximately 90 minutes in the simulator. Whilst taking a short flight from Birmingham to Edinburgh we will cover the following :

A basic description of how and why an Aircraft flies.
The many safety systems of the aircraft.
How the Pilots fly the aircraft and navigate.

How the Pilots manage Weather and Turbulence.

Common misconceptions about flying.

The noises you will hear, and how they are perfectly normal.

The Aircraft will already have its engines started and be ready for Take off on the runway – this is to ensure you have enough time in your session to fly.

Using real checklists and charts your Instructor will fly the Aircraft.

Should you wish, you can help as "First Officer". 

During and after the flight we will discuss any concerns that you may have or areas where you may not have felt comfortable.

All sessions can be completely tailored to your needs to ensure you get the most from the session.

We are not Psychologists or Medical Professionals but have a vast knowledge of the aircraft system, noises and procedures that help to fly an Aircraft safely

in all weather conditions.

You are allowed to bring up to two Friends or Family members with you into the Simulator to sit in the Jump Seats to support you through this life changing experience.


Bring up to two Supporting guests with you Free of Charge.

Suitable for 10 years and over !     (Minimum height 1.5m.)

£ 180.00

Tel : 07762  061518   or

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