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Photo courtesy of T.Ueda  (All Rights Reserved)

JA8956  "Ohana  Jumbo"

Our Simulator is a genuine Boeing 747-400 Flightdeck which was removed from a retired

All Nippon Airways aircraft.  Registration Number JA8956 She is a 744-400D (No winglets)

She was built at the Boeing site at Everett (MSN) 25640 Line Number 920.  Her first flight was

on 21st May 1992 and she was delivered to Japan on 9th June 1992 in standard ANA colours.


In standard ANA Colours

Photo courtesy of Toshiro Hara   (All Rights Reserved)

As a 400D (Domestic) aircraft she was used primarily for flying internal routes around Japan.

In 2004 she was re-painted in  the distinctive Pokemon theme. She was known as “Ohana Jumbo”

and was well known in Japan with Children cheering her whenever they saw her landing.

54945_1231962325 Diezel.jpg

Re-painted in distinctive Pokemon colours

Photo courtesy of @Diezel   (All Rights Reserved)

Withdrawn from commercial use on 30th November 2012, aged just 20.5 years old and flown to Tupelo Mississippi USA on 12th December 2012 for dismantling ; She was finally scrapped in 2018. In 2019 the Simulator owner John Davis bought her flightdeck and shipped it to the UK.  After four

years work to restore her and turn her into a Flight Simulator we are proud to present her to you.


Looking sad and unloved at Tupelo Mississippi USA

Photo courtesy of Andy Tucker   (All Rights Reserved)

Boeing 747-400 JA8956 seen being broken up at Tupelo

She was even captured on Google Earth
still on there as of March 2023

Owner John Davis seen in the Escape Hatch of Boeing 747-400  JA8956

The Owner pictured in the Emergency Hatch in Tupelo

Photo courtesy of John Davis   (All Rights Reserved)

Whilst the flightdeck was 90% complete when purchased a few of the Flightdeck panels had been stripped out and re-used. These were sourced from other retired 747’s, particularly those retired from British Airways during the 2020 Covid Pandemic. 

It may even be possible that the Simulator includes parts from a 747 you have flown on !

Come and join us soon and fly this unique historic aircraft !

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