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In standard ANA Colours

Photo courtesy of Toshiro Hara   (All Rights Reserved)

PART  2      A  New  Home


A Five Metre Square "Log Cabin" was chosen as the New home of the Simulator.
First we had to prepare the bottom of the Garden by doing some clearing and concreting
with the help of Johns brother Martin.

The Log Cabin was purchased and John, Martin and a Carpenter set to work building it.
here you can see the foundation strips being laid, levelled and screwed down.

Building the Cabin.

Nearly built, halfway through fitting the Roof Shingles.

Inside after Lighting and Electrics were installed.

The finished Cabin seen on a Snowy Winters day.
All ready to build what John though was going to be another
Homebuilt Simulator.   All that would change !

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